The first of five meetings with local stakeholders were held today. It was organized by the Municipality of Ravenna with the aim of sharing ideas and experiences relating to the enhancement of the water heritage of three sites of the city: the Darsena di Città as a symbol of urban regeneration especially starting from 2015; the Ancient Port of Classe or the old southern gateway to the city, a crossroads and meeting place for different cultures and peoples; and the Maritime Park with the ambitious project of giving life to “hinge” that embraces and connect the sea and nature and that restores naturalness to the environment (the works will begin in autumn 2020).

A packed room, confirming the strong involvement of stakeholders on the topic and the interest in opening up and giving their own contribution to the project.

Stakeholders were welcomed and introduced to the spirit of the project as an opportunity to share good practices at a European and territorial level, in order to develop improvement actions and projects.

The meeting continued with the introduction of the project to all the present: the objectives, the roadmap of the activities and the extremely important meaning of the involvement of local stakeholders.

The 3 areas were the protagonists of the second part of the meeting: past projects and most importantly future involvement plans were shared.

#Energy, #Connection and #Wellbeing are the three keywords that summarize the result of the efforts which are being made on these three areas of Ravenna.

The third part of the meeting was dedicated to an interactive dot-mocracy session in which all the participants, with coloured stickers, experimented a fun dot-voting exercise. The aim of the experiment was to reflect - according a logical-creative process - on the social, economic and environmental dimension of the three sites.

Through these meeting opportunities we intend to involve the stakeholders of the territory and make them active partners of the Project. We want stakeholders to be part of a path of fruitful discussion between institutions, public and private subjects, regarding the enhancement and the protection of the natural, historical and cultural heritage linked to water and the possibility of sharing participatory proposals and action plans.

Next September Ravenna will host policy makers and stakeholders from all the partners for an event entirely dedicated to the international exchange of good practices (IKES - International Knowledge Exchange Session).

Discover the 3 water-linked sites of Ravenna. Watch the video-interviews!

Darsena di Città

Ancient Port of Classe

Maritime Park