WaVE partners met online on June 29th for a follow-up on the project developments.

The difficult period we are living through has not stopped partners from moving forward with the enhancement of water-related sites. 

In the last months partners have started the process of "translating" the lessons learned at interregional level into concrete and measurable actions to influence regional policies in order to enhance water-related heritage. 

Good Practices were shared by each partner with their local stakeholders during the LSG meetings which were held - both online and in person - during May and early June. 

The process of sharing information and the dialogue with stakeholders will lead to the construction of an Action Plan - a plan of concrete actions, able to tackle the subject-matter, in order to create structural changes within local and regional policies and work on new projects for the development of sites. 

During the 4-hour meeting, the partners shared the first draft of their Action Plans, the path they are starting to take to elaborate their plan. 

Once again the digital tools allowed an interactive and engaging meeting, with questions and suggestions from all the participants on how to improve and implement their Action Plan. 

At the end of the meeting some of the next steps and meetings that will involve partners and stakeholders were discussed. 

The social distancing phase and the difficulty of travelling in Europe will not stop partners from having online "site visits" through inspirational videos created by each partner.

The next event that will see WaVE partners involved is a seminar organized by the University of Delft in mid-July to methodologically support the creation of the Action Plan with the involvement of external experts.  

Stay tuned!