On Monday 13 July, Delft University of Technology organised a webinar for all partners to discuss the values of water-linked heritage, in order to support and inspire the development of Action Plans.

The project is in fact entering the definition phase of the Actions to improve the support of the addressed policy instruments for integrated cultural heritage valorisation approaches and to sparkle ideas for the creation of new projects aiming at the integrated valorisation of water-linked cultural heritage. 

The webinar was built on an academic framework of readings and videos and was divided into 3 main parts:

1) 'Mapping' and rating heritage values

What values does the heritage partners work with offer? Cultural? Economic? Social? Environmental?

2) Which of those values are currently influencing decision-making?

Which values remain underplayed? How to put forward those underplayed values and which stakeholders can help with this?

3) Translating values into a vision

How to build a vision for action plans based on a story constructed around the values identified?

Each of the 3 above topics and related questions have been addressed in groups, using the support of Miro collaborative dashboard. 

During the discussion a lot of useful insights arose that will help WaVE partners with the writing of the first draft of the Action Plan. The next round of discussion will be an online meeting scheduled for 16 and 17 September, at that occasion the progress of the work will be presented.

Stay tuned!