After the introduction, the different partners made their presentations in order to share their best practices with the rest of the group. These practices are implemented in their own regions so although some of them are quite similar the activities, results and contributions are altered.

• Świętokrzyskie Region – Marshal Office of Świętokrzyskie Region

He was in charge of showing the different financial resources that could be found in Poland. In this schedule they were included the characteristics and some details of each one.

• Microfinance Norway

The project “The Creative Hub” was presented within an incubator field. It was focused on fostering the acquisition of loans by women. This program is based on network groups (4-7 members) which are self managed and have a close relation to the association. Their final goal is “Make Women Bankable”.

• KIZ SINNOVA company for social innovation GmbH

Before starting with the good practice, he made a short introduction about the Private non-profit organization and about how easy is to get a loan in his region: Offenbach, which is one with the highest number of immigrants and the unemployment rate is about 12%.

Then, he showed the good practice known as “Social Business Women Microloan”. This program is designed for women who are interested in having professional support for setting their own business. As they are also considerate more reliable to pay a loan back they try to increase their opportunities for improving in the business atmosphere.

• Ministry for National Economy Deputy State Secretariat Responsible for Implementing Economic Development Programs

This good practice is structured in three mainly priority groups:

 Young entrepreneurs

 Unemployed people

 Female entrepreneurs

Here there were mentioned several programs for each group with different activities such as training, mentoring or giving advice with business programs or financial issues and trying to boost flexible jobs.

• CEEI Burgos

He focused his presentation on a loan developed in Málaga province. This program started in 2016 and gives microcredits for starting new business. During the presentation, the details of this loan was shown.

Another presentation included a detailed description of the microcredits given by SODEBUR in collaboration with CEEI Burgos.


• PORA Regional Development Agency of Podravina and Prigorje for Promotion and Implementation of Development Activities in Koprivnica Krizevci County

This presentation tries to foster the development of Social Entrepreneurship in order to reduce regional differences and ensure an increase in the level of employment. On the other hand, they carry out a Strategy of Women Entrepreneurship Development which tries to improve the relations between women and public policies and the institutional infrastructure.

• Zala County Foundation for Enterprise Promotion

He showed a program totally directed to strengthen women by improving women's employment opportunities in the SMEs area. This program is supported with:

 Trainings

 Advisory services

 Represent the results and potentials to professional policy-makers

The second day was mostly conducted in an overview of the first and second semester, taking into account all the work made until the moment. There were shown several graphics with the actual results accomplished for each partner according to the task that should be implemented.