The "ATM for SMEs" project, which was launched in 2016 with the support of the Interreg Europe program, aimed to facilitate access to financing and business development services for the smallest enterprises that are forced out of bank lending. The international project was realized with the participation of 9 organizations from 7 countries, the leading partner of which is the Fejér Enterprise Agency.

The first five-year phase of the project - in which the goal was to improve access to microfinance - was recently successfully concluded, the partners developed regional action plans to strengthen microfinance, and the action plans reached a high EU level.
The COVID-19 epidemic and the subsequent economic stagnation created a new situation in economic development, and insight and experience in micro-lending prove to be very relevant when dealing with the crisis. It is also due to this that the consortium was invited to continue the project, so that the partners map and analyze the regional responses to the crisis. The knowledge base created in the framework of the project also found its way to the policies, as all partners undertook to supplement their relevant strategies and tender programs with microfinancing and business development measures.

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