Together with Unizo East-Flanders, Syntra and Ministry of Makers, the ECEF (Economic Council of East Flanders) develops four videos of four different craftsmen in East Flanders who excel in creative craftsmanship. Each film is about the producer, his product and the whole production process. We interviewed four different types of craftsmen: the jumper - the mentor - the pioneer - the innovator. We published the videos on social media to promote craftsmanship and to inform consumers.

- The jumper is Trombacogen. Gunther Cogen is an engineer who chose for a new career as a craftsman who makes trumpets.

- The pioneer is Triangle Factory, a game developer in Ghent. They look for creative ways to build fun and immersive experiences. Triangle Factory produces VR content and has created multiple VR games. They also help other companies to build groundbreaking experiences for more serious purposes. These include medical, education, advertisement, sales, marketing, …

- The mentor is a goat cheese factory, ’t Leenhof in Zele. Both parents and three children work in this family business. Clear agreements and a division of labour are important to run the family business.

- The innovator is the research project Futures through Design (a collaboration between two universities of applied sciences, Hogent en Howest). Origami, the Japanese art of paper folding, is used to give Western design a longer lifespan.