East-Flanders is a province with a large tourist offer, which is why we wanted to stimulate the people to do something in their own region, maybe something they don’t know although they have lived here all of their lives.

That’s why we set up our campaign “Doe Lokaal”, in English “Do (something) local”. We divided the province into six regions, namely Ghent, Scheldeland, Meetjesland, Leiestreek, Waasland and the Vlaamse Ardennen. In each region we visited five tourist attractions, so in total we promoted 30 local entrepreneurs in the tourism industry. To give some examples: we visited a B&B, a restaurant, a boat rental, a brewery, an indoor trampoline park and so on.

We made a separate film for each tourist entrepreneur, and there is also a compilation of the various companies for each region. In addition, we made a general promotion video. On our instagram page (‘Doe Lokaal’) you can find the different videos from all of the entrepreneurs.