CECI Action Plan implementation in the Päijät-Häme region, Finland

Circular Economy Solutions for Citizens of Päijät-Häme – the Action Plan covered five themes/actions, and each action was implemented through a new project. Actions of the Päijät-Häme Action plan:

  1. Sustainable housing services (ASKEL)
  2. Business based on a circular and sharing economy (KESTI)
  3. Circular economy activities in the creative sector (CIRCCU)
  4. Separate collection of disposable textiles (Textiles in circulation)
  5. Sustainable mobility (PPBP).

The ASKEL project was the first CECI-inspired new project and it received funding from ERDF, which is the policy instrument dealt with in Päijät-Häme. All projects of the Action plan have ended, last one to end was project PPBP - By bicycle, kickboard, and bus in Päijät-Sote, in the theme of sustainable mobility.

Two of the themes of the Action plan, end-of-life textiles and sustainable mobility, continue the development work further in Päijät-Häme with two new projects. Textiles into Circulation 2.0 is related to sustainable textiles and is a direct follow-up to the Textiles in Circulation project. The new project will run for two years (2022-2024) and is co-funded by ERDF.

The other new project, Systemic change towards sustainable commuting, builds on the work done in the PPBP project and aims to improve sustainable commuting in seven case organizations. The project is funded by Horizon Europe, EU Mission: Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities and will run for two years 2023-2025.