CECI Action Plan implementation in Aragon, Spain

The government of Aragon has produced an Action Plan based on the implementation of new projects. On the one hand, having been inspired by the objective of the CECI Project itself, citizen participation will be much more present in the preparation of the Waste Management Plan and Circular Economy of Aragón, GIRA Plan, not only through workshops during Plan elaboration but also the citizens will be present in the development of GIRA Plan itself.

On the other hand, the inspiration of other partners will materialize in a grant for a local entity in Aragon in order to have its own library of things, financed by the Government of Aragon and by ERDF 2014-2020. The call will be launched in the coming weeks.

Finally, the CECI Project will inspire the new ERDF programming period, 2021-2027, in Aragon. The inclusion of the circular economy in regional economic planning is key for its implementation. Thus, the Aragón ERDF Programme includes an operation (almost 20 M€) for the management of waste from local entities in accordance with the circular economy.