CECI Action Plan Implementation in Ostrava, the Czech Republic

During the CECI project, the Moravian-Silesian Innovation Centre (MSIC) engaged in various activities. While attempts to influence the policy instrument of the Operational Programme Environment for the budget period 2014-2020 were no longer possible, MSIC focused on suggesting changes for the subsequent Operational Programme Environment 2021-2027, particularly in the areas of circular economy and public involvement. We also tried to achieve a change in the Just Transition Fund, which is applicable only to three regions in the Czech Republic including the Moravian-Silesian region, as a policy instrument to drive local-level policy changes.

One successful activity involved supporting and developing reuse centres, leading to growth not only in the Ostrava Reuse Centre but also in other cities like Krnov. EnviRoadshow was another activity that enabled the spread of good practices to other municipalities, with a stakeholder continuing to raise awareness about sustainability and circular economy themes. We visited in total 5 cities and municipalities that presented their activities. One of our stakeholders (Moravian-Silesian Investment and Development) will continue spreading awareness about sustainability, circular economy and related themes.

During Circular Scans, a missing element in the circular activities chain was identified—a database for unused materials from SMEs—which led to the creation of the Material Market. MSIC fostered industrial symbioses and collaborations between industries, facilitating the repurposing of materials by connecting SMEs with social enterprises. The next steps involve Idea Hub, a stakeholder, taking over Material Market, actively working with the database, and promoting it to citizens, SMEs, and schools.

In conclusion, the CECI project prompted MSIC to engage with citizens, gain international inspiration from the project partners, establish a new branch for Environmental Technologies in MSIC, and participate in projects related to the circular topic such as IP LIFE COALA and another INTERREG project Design Collaboration with the City of Ostrava.