Business Agency Association held the first CECI`s RSG meeting on 13th December 2019 in Varna, Bulgaria. The aim was to gather representatives of different stakeholder groups to become familiar with the project's potential to influence long-term waste management policies.

The event lasted 2 hours and ended with a constructive dialogue where all regional stakeholders and circular economy experts discussed the current situation in the city and brainstorm on how Varna can become more circular.

Mrs. Stumpf presents CECI project to the stakeholders in Varna, Bulgaria (Photo: CECI)

Mrs. Stumpf presented good practices successfully implemented in the partner countries of the project. Some of the topics also were related to the need for new and reliable waste services and circular economy awareness among citizens.


The city of Varna feels a strong need for new sustainable services regarding living and more user-friendly waste collection systems. The citizens aren`t well informed about consumption choices and their impacts. Existing platforms and applications should be further developed and be better managed to become widely available to the public.

The meeting was attended by 40 people, including representatives of the municipality of Varna, Varna Regional Inspectorate, non-governmental organizations, local universities, Chamber of Commerce Varna, media and citizens.

All proposals and recommendations from the dialog will be summarized in an official document, which will be presented in Varna Municipality for further discussions and realization.