On the 9th of August, Interreg Europe funded CLEAN project partners celebrated the third and last seminar of the CLEAN Additional Activities on "Measures to improve energy efficiency of public buildings" from the city of Sundsvall in County Västernorrland (Sweden) and streamed online to all project partners and their stakeholders regardless of their presence in Västernorrland.

CLEAN project partner Martina Di Costanzo from Agenzia Napoletana Energia e Ambiente or ANEA (Italy) explained the eco-energetic refurbishment project of a middle school structure to be used for municipal offices.

A building located in the Municipality of Mugnano in Napoli (Italy) from 1974 and originally used as a middle school. 9 years since that building is no longer in used by the school, therefore there are no ordinary and extraordinary maintenance interventions.

The building from the "Current Status" responds to the checks of the D.M. 26/06/2015 and it can be renovated into a Nearly Zero Energy Building (NZEB).

The project design responds to the Minimum Environmental Criteria and in this way the Municipality of Mugnano will have the possibility to access to the Thermal Account incentive in order to complete the renovation and reach the objective to develop the existing building in Nearly Zero Energy Building.

The public buildings have an obligation to compliance with the Minimum Environmental Criteria, so this has been used for the building envelope, air conditioning plants and sun protection system, because in compliance with the D.M 26/06/2015, the ENERGY PERFORMANCE INDEX must reach, at least, the energy class A3. The project focus to reach the Minimum Environmental Criteria in order to access to New Thermal Account 2.0 incentive.

A Italian national incentive born to increase the renovation of existing buildings and the development of them in Nearly Zero Energy Building (NZEB). The Thermal Account provides incentive premiums that range from 40% to 65%. The Thermal Account also finances 100% of the cost of an Energy Audit and an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

Stay Tuned to hear more for more partners!