Distretto Ligure delle Tecnologie Marine (DLTM), a partner in the CLIPPER project, is a co-founder of the Blue Italian Growth National Technological Cluster (CTN BIG Cluster).

BIG is one of 12 National Technological Clusters (Cluster Tecnologici Nazionali) that will develop the 12 Specialisation Areas which have been identified by the National Programme for Research (PNR) 2015-2020, and by the National Intelligent Specialisation Strategy (SNSI).  

More specifically, CTN BIG Cluster is a meeting point for public and private research and will generate opportunities for the innovative, technological development of the Country's shipping and maritime industry. The BIG Cluster aims to help all sectoral actors to develop a strategic agenda and produce a technological roadmap, identify the need for infrastructure and investment in training and human capital, mobilise the industry and the research and training system, to develop public-private investment in research, promote access to European funding, and to promote the sharing of knowledge between the public system and industry, and towards civil society. 

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