Due to the Covid-19 crisis, it can be expected that different regions across Europe will have an increase in unemployment, SME failure and the need to re-assess the structure of the regional economy, especially if large employers have gone bankrupt or significantly reduce their activities staff because of the crisis.  

However, Covid-19 aside, resilience is actually more generally relevant, as European regions have to deal with the increasing pressure of dealing with transition and changes in the economy, such as e.g. mainstreaming ICT or piloting the transition towards a greener and more circular economy.

With this in mind, Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform is hosting a Policy Learning Platform webinar on building resilient economies.

The webinar will present insightful experiences from different regions that have experienced dramatic crisis and managed to build economic resilience on a local level. It will also show how regions can proactively engage into large scale transition schemes for the local economy. Both instantaneous and dynamic resilience practices will be addressed.

Finally, there will be the opportunity to get to know how other regions react to the current Covid-19 crisis and engage in questions and discussion with the speakers.

An outline agenda and registration can be accessed on the event website