Pays de la Loire region is delighted to announce that all 6 reports have been validated and are now published on the Interreg Europea Website. The publication of these good practice reports is an indicator of the important results of the CLIPPER project:

• Dinamic Entreprise  

Dinamic is a global coaching programme to help increase SMEs' competitiveness through global long-term support via advice, training, provision of tools & methodologies. It provides support on targeted points, including improve internal performance, diversify, innovate, maintain business and ensure profitability and stability. A 4-step methodology is implemented over 9 months. Step 1 Orientation - the SME targets main issues and determines priorities; Step 2 Diagnosis - identify strengths & weaknesses and build a 3-year progress plan; Step 3 Accompaniment - implementation of the action plan and Step 4 Assessment - measure the results and initiate further action.

In figures: Over 1,200 companies supported

• Volunteers for International Experience Pays de la Loire (VIE PDL) 

VIE is a national scheme that allows companies to entrust a young person with a mission abroad. This national system was created in 2000 and dedicated regional financial support known as VIE Pays de la Loire was approved in 2005. VIE PDL is complementary to the national scheme, and companies can benefit from a VIE depending on certain criteria. Eligible VIE missions must be commercial or technical sales support and contribute to the launch of a new product or the launch of an existing product in a new market abroad. VIE PDL aims to promote VIE’s use to reinforce the presence of PDL companies in foreign markets.

In figures: 776 VIE PDL have been approved

• Pays de la Loire Garantie 

Pays de la Loire Garantie is a guarantee fund that aims to facilitate SME’s access to bank credits through a guarantee that can reach up to 70%. The Region funds the Pays de la Loire Garantie Fund, and its management is assured by the National Investment Bank (BPI), which provides financial expertise. SMEs and VSEs in most sectors can benefit from Pays de la Loire Garantie. The fund can be used for business creation, transfer, acquisition and development of new equipment, international development, support for innovative companies, and to strengthen the financial structure of companies. Guarantees provide the most effective lever of all financial instruments available to convince banks to accept risk.

In figures: In 2018, 97 cases (86 companies) were supported

• Résolutions 

This is a Call for Innovation, to provide local enterprises with access to the most efficient innovative solutions on the market to help solve development issues. The objective is to favour fast marketing of new and efficient solutions to help businesses move faster and grow stronger by increasing their development through innovation. Step 1 is a Call for Issues, during which entrepreneurs express their development issues in connection with a chosen subject. 5 issues are then selected and benefit from coaching to turn their issues into innovation opportunities. Step 2 is a Call for Innovations, formalised by an event to present the selected issues. Solvers are then invited to submit solutions online. 3 Solvers per issue are preselected and the entrepreneurs designate the winner. Step 3 is teamwork, and includes the co-development of the solution.

In figures: 6 topics have been covered & 120 issues analysed

• Néopolia 

Néopolia is run by Pays de la Loire entrepreneurs to strengthen local companies’ diversification and competitiveness. It acts alongside regional institutions to enable a stable industrial development of the region, and to reach a critical mass and strong back-office. It is a network of 6 business clusters that aim to allow companies to work together on business issues to develop 6 industrial sectors. The 3 main objectives of Néopolia are 1) to commercialise collaborative global industrial offers; 2) to build a business network and strengthen the links with great market players; and 3) to support structuring industrial project development.

In figures: It brings together 245 companies representing 32,000 jobs

• Technocampus Océan (TCO) 

TCO is a technological research platform built to answer the challenge of mastering the design of offshore structures and related metallic processes. Technocampus platforms respond to the challenges of industrial competitiveness and are dedicated to advanced manufacturing. TCO encompasses industrial & academic players to develop innovative manufacturing technologies for shipbuilding and MRE. It offers pooled resources, encourages an interdisciplinary approach and collaborative R&D and technology transfer. It aims to ensure collaborative action through the co-location of academic research teams, manufacturers and high-profile service providers in order to provide a 360° project structure and to open the door to world class expertise.

In figures: TCO has 18 tenants / 350 people