The Coalescce project is proud to announce that they will be heavily represented on the forthcoming webinar on biogas from organic waste hosted by the Policy Learning Platform. This webinar held on the 15th May, will show policymakers how anaerobic digestion of organic waste can help meeting both the renewable energy and the recycling targets with one measure.

The Coalescce project will be represented by Volker Kromrey from Bodensee Stiftung (COALESCE project) will present biogas-powered district heating uses local waste streams and contributes to local energy indepence in BIOENERGY-villages. Volker works for the Lake Konstanz Foundation based in Baden Wuerttemgurg, Germany

Nikolay Sidjimov from the Bulgarian Association of Municipal Environmental experts (CESME project) will present the co-digestion of kitchen and agricultural waste in the Perpetuum Mobile Albena project . Nikolay has attended a number of the Coalescce project peer reviews, and he is recognised as an expert in the field of community energy. His organisation is one of the key regional stakeholders of the European Perspectives Association, based in Sofia, Bulgaria