Ecomob is the only expo dedicated to eco-sustainable culture in central-southern Italy, related to Eco-mobility, Cycling and Environmental Ecology and Green solutions.

ECOMOB hosted public bodies, associations, business and entrepreneurs, interested in communicating actions, best practices, initiatives, products and innovative concepts to the general public. 

Ecomob builds an eco village in the centre of Pescara and this allows  visitors the chance to visit stands and join workshops and many activities regarding eco mobilities, green solutions and green living.


Region Abruzzo had an exhibition place where info and documents on Colaescce project have been shared and during the opening events held on September 4th, Ministry Campitelli illustrated Coalescce project, highlighting the Energy Community purposes and opportunities, but also best practices collected in the framework of the project such as Alterna Coop in Valencia. ALTERNA Coop Valenciana is a cooperative for sustainable mobility. Its goal is to facilitate and encourage its members and society in general to use the least possible amount of energy for mobility (by walking, biking, and through shared electric vehicles). Thus, their main activity is car sharing among its members, using electric vehicles that are charged with electricity coming from renewable energy sources.

Over the course of the ECOMOB weekend the village received over 10,000 visitors.

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