Valencia Region Council of Chambers of Commerce organised online meetings with regional stakeholders to discuss the roadmap for the implementation of the actions of the Action Plan and get their support and collaboration. The subject of the meeting was related to the implementation of action 2: Introducing PES scheme (Payment for Ecosystem Services) in tourist navigation activities. 

Participants and Stakeholders were representing Valencia City Council, Assut Foundation for the sustainability of Coastal Systems, Valencia Region Council of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Services and Shipping, and Local Europe Consulting. 

The City Council has the objective of defining a roadmap to legalize and normalize the use of the piers and for this, the Case Study elaborated within the framework of the Delta Lady project, will be very useful for the identification of needs and will serve as a basis to put the park management ordinance is underway and the first milestone of that roadmap. The analysis carried out within the framework of the Delta Lady project is going to be considered when preparing the new ordinance  and the work carried out by the project is of great value for the implementation of this new regulation, which includes a system of PES.