Interreg Europe funded DIGITAL REGIONS partners have met in Ljubljana (Slovenia) for the project ‘Final Dissemination Event’, hosted by University of Ljubljana - Laboratorij za telekomunikacije Fakultete za elektrotehniko (LTFE - Laboratory for Telecommunications) on the 5th of April.

Slovenian Minister for Digital Transformation Dr Emilija Stojmenova Duh, who was a DIGITAL REGIONS partner at the beginning of the project, has officially welcomed the partnership and the regional stakeholders from eight countries across Europe that have joined us for the event. The Minister has presented the key directions of digitalisation in Slovenia explaining that cooperation of such a diverse partnership has several advantages. Among them, she has referred to the diversity of knowledge and experience because each partner has unique professional skills. According to her, working together in such a diverse environment increases the opportunities for innovation and creates new opportunities for development. She has also mentioned the common goals of the project and the opportunity to learn from each other. In addition, she has mentioned the greater opportunities for innovation and the access to new sources and ideas, which can increase opportunities for innovation and development of new products, services and processes. “I believe that the efforts of the DIGITAL REGIONS project did not only benefit the manufacturing sector, but also all stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem of a particular region, including policy makers such as the Ministry of Digital Transformation", the minister pointed out in her speech.

The session has continued with Interreg Europe Policy Officer Ana Mihaljevic, who has shared programme's state of play talking about thematic coverage, participants, actions, exchange of experience, projects and policies, among others. In addition, DIGITAL REGIONS Project Leader and ERNACT Programme Manager Daniela Copaci has presented our main outputs and results to-date. Did you know that West Region Romania and Upper Franconia (Germany) have already achieved policy improvement? Stay tuned because more information will follow up.

Local good practices: cybersecurity and data services ecosystem

Slovenian DIGITAL REGIONS project partners have organised a guided tour through University of Ljubljana to showcase some of their local good practices and expertise. Firstly, attendees have visited the CyberLab, a cybersecurity facility that operates several services for monitoring attacker activity (SSH, Telnet and HTTP honeypots, network telescope with 256 IP addresses) and collection of attack data in real time. After, organisers have guided the team through the 5G and Spirent Test Center. This experimentation and prototyping environment comprises 5G mobile core and indoor radio access network, IP network, IoT, cloud infrastructure and data services ecosystem.

Roundtable: good practices and achievements across Europe

DIGITAL REGIONS project partners from Germany, Slovenia, Romania and Switzerland have shared some of their Industry 4.0 experiences and knowledge.

  • Anne-Christine Habbel, Head of Research Marketing, and Katrin Müller, Network Manager, at Hof University of Applied Sciences (Upper Franconia, Germany), have shared some of their success stories, Industry 4.0 policy achievements, with the partnership and regional stakeholders across Europe.
  • Dr Jure Trilar, Assistant – researcher at University of Ljubljana, has presented their EDIH (European Digital Innovation Hub) services for an inclusive and successful digital transformation.
  • Dominic Gorecky, Head of Swiss Smart Factory at Switzerland Innovation Park Biel/Bienne, has explained how Swiss Smart Factory is assisting in disseminating Industry 4.0 technologies to businesses.
  • Cristin Cistelecan, Head of Department for Investment Promotion at West Region Development Agency (Romania), has concluded presenting their Industry 4.0 Policy achievements. 


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