After the successful completion of the pre-seed investment round and the completion of the production prototype, the team of the Latvian start-up company, e-cycling amphibious camper Z-TRITON, will go on a tour of Europe, offering test trips in Geneva, Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin.

Z-TRITON is an e-bike amphibious camper that allows you to travel both on the water and on land. It is also fully equipped with electric motors, easy and convenient to drive, allowing you to go on longer trips or experience a weekend deep in the woods and in nature.

This autumn, Z-TRITON has successfully completed the pre-seed investment round, attracting EUR 150,000 in funding from Estonian and Latvian angel investors, as well as the Singapore venture capital fund Mistletoe, Magnetic Latvia reports. The fund focuses on investing in companies and ideas that have a positive impact on the planet and promote sustainability.

Z-TRITON is currently in the final stages of production prototype, pre-ordering amphibians has begun, with the greatest interest coming from Western Europe and North America. That's why the company organized a field trip in Europe. As part of the tour, it also took part in the interdisciplinary exhibition OPEN HOUSE in Geneva, Switzerland, which presented innovative and original living spaces through the prism of art, architecture and design.

The European tours continued, offering test trips with amphibious campers in four cities - Geneva, Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin, where, in addition, the greatest interest in the product was shown and the first paid product orders were placed. Specific test drive locations and times will be announced on the Z-Triton social networking platforms. As part of the European tour, the company will also visit several other countries where there is interest in renting Z-TRITON, such as campsites and leisure parks.