The mobility provider Kolumbus will soon test an autonomous electric bus with room for 52 passengers. The bus will operate in Stavanger city center from April 2022. Large autonomous buses are currently being tested multiple places in the world, but the high level of self-driving and the operation in open traffic makes this project stand out. Kolumbus collaborates with four other partners on this project.

Facts about the bus:

  • Manufacturer: Karsan from Turkey
  • Length: 8,3 meters
  • Capacity: 21 seats / total capacity up to 52 passengers
  • Range: Up to 300 kilometers
  • Sensor system: LiDAR (detects objects near the bus), camera, IMU (speed sensor), GNSS (positioning), radar and ultrasonic sensor.

Facts about the partnership:

  • Kolumbus: Rogaland’s provider of public transport and mobility solutions. Will put the bus in traffic in Stavanger and provide travel information to the public.
  • Vy: the largest land-based transport group in the Nordic countries. Provides the bus itself and hosts on board. 
  • Applied Autonomy: Provides monitoring of the bus.  
  • Karsan: Turkish car and bus manufacturer. BMW delivers the battery technology. 
  • Adastec: Turkish-American provider of self-driving technology.