Among the 500,000 electric cars on Norwegian roads, Nissan Leaf is the most popular. Volkswagen e-Golf comes in second place and Tesla comes in third place with Model 3

-  Electric cars totally dominate the new car market, and now the market for used electric cars is also growing, says Christina Bu, Secretary-General at The Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association.

In the first quarter of this year, eight out of ten new car buyers chose an electric car.

And persistently high new car sales on electric cars are spreading further in the used market.

- The second-hand market is where most people find their next car. Now it will be exciting to follow the development here, says Bu.

Satisfied with the electric car, but fast charging payment complicates

Norway has developed a charging network that will soon be nationwide. This easter, there have been a record number of cars out on the country´s 4344 fast chargers.

–Norwegian Electric drivers, according to all our surveys, love their car, but get annoyed at how complicated it can be to pay for fast charging, says Bu.

The Electric Vehicle Association has, on behalf of their members, asked the government to make it possible to pay with credit card directly on the fast chargers.

–It should be as easy to charge as it is to refuel, says Bu.