The project "Pesa I Pensa" was launched in January 2014 and , to date, in Catalonia, there are more than 30 schools involved, while more than 4000 students have participated in. This number is increasing every year and the PiP action is now part of the Action Plan for the Prevention of Food waste in Catalonia which came about as part of the EcoWaste 4 Food project.
The project aims to reduce the generation of leftover food in school lunchrooms and raise awareness about the issue of food waste and the results are there: 35% reduction of wasted food and a 50% reduction of leftover food !
Thanks to the EcoWaste 4 Food project, the representatives of PiP have taken part in field visits in various European countries exchanging experiences, taking confidence in their action abd sharing it with other stakeholders.
The sudden closing of schools last March 2020 has obligated PiP to adapt to the situation. All energy has been put into the safe re-utilisation of all of the pending food stock that would otherwise go unused, redistributing it again through collaboration projects with socially-oriented organisations.

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