2nd May 2018 -The Regional Development Fund of Western Macedonia / Region of Western Macedonia in collaboration with stakeholders from Western Macedonia, organizes the project’s cross-visit which will take place between the 2nd and 4th of May, 2018, in the frame of the ECOWASTE4FOOD, a project co-funded by the Interreg Europe programme.  

The aim of the cross-visit is the presentation by local stakeholders, relevant to the project’s topics, to selected representatives of stakeholders and businesses from the UK, France, Spain and Poland, of good practices and eco-innovations for the reduction and exploitation of food waste.

The stakeholders from Western Macedonia who will participate and present their practices are: ARSIS Kozani, BOROUME N.G.O., Cow Farmers Group “Apo Prwto Xeri”, DIOSKOURIDIS Co., KOURELLAS SA and Rural Cooperative Producers Organisation (A.S.O.P.) “Dimitra”.

The stakeholders who will visit the region of Western Macedonia come from the Wielkopolska Region in Poland, the Region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur in France, the Devon County in the United Kingdom and the Region of Catalonia in Spain.

During the visit, participants will have the chance to gain know-how and experiences in the application of eco-innovations in reducing and exploiting food waste and in the potential application of these eco-innovations in their own production and operational processes. 

The visit starts on the 2nd of May (1st day of the visit) with the welcoming of the visitors by the Governor of the Region of Western Macedonia and the Director of the Regional Development Fund of Western Macedonia in Kozani. A presentation of the N.G.O. BOROUME initiative will follow, informing participants about their actions in reducing and managing food waste and the 1st day will end with a visit to the facilities of ARSIS Kozani.

The 2nd day includes visits to:
•    Rural Cooperative Producers Organisation (A.S.O.P.) “Dimitra”, in Velvento, where the operation, the organization of the production and the practices that eliminate food waste will be presented,
•    KOURELLAS SA, organic dairy producer in Grevena, where the facilities and the applied technologies and practices for eliminating food waste in the production process will be presented.
•    DIOSKOURIDIS OE in Emporio, a company which deals with the crop production and processing of aromatic and medicinal plants and products based on them.

The 3rd and last day includes a visit to the ATM spots and the facilities of the Cow Farmers Group “Apo Prwto Xeri” to inform visitors about applied practices of food waste reduction in the production process.

Contact: Nikos Vasileiadis, +30 2310 262201

More information about the ECOWASTE4FOOD project can be found at:  https://www.interregeurope.eu/ecowaste4food

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