8th January 2018 - The Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia works as a project partner in the ECOWASTE4FOOD project that supports eco-innovations to reduce food waste and promote a better resource efficient economy.

During the first half of the year 2018, ECOWASTE4FOOD partners continue their interregional learning process through the in-depth Cross Visits in partner regions. The region of South Ostrobothnia in Finland will host the 4th Cross Visit, which aims to introduce various good practices on preventing food waste both in public and private sectors.

”Food waste is a problem that shouldn’t exist, but fortunately is now widely recognized. ECOWASTE4FOOD project is valuable as it brings visible the already existing innovations and functional solutions in Europe that help preventing and reducing food waste in different levels of the food chain. Together we need to focus on distributing and implementing these solutions to make societies more sustainable.” says Antti Saartenoja, the Deputy Region Mayor of South Ostrobothnia.

The Cross Visit, organized in 16–18th January 2018, will begin with a visit in Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences that has launched a project aiming in bringing knowledge of circular economy and food waste prevention as permanent content of study programmes related to food and agriculture. The second innovation visited in the first day is Omenahaus, an innovation-award winner of 2017 to reduce food waste in kitchen gardens.

During the second day, visitors will have a chance to familiarize themselves with Finnish school meal system and food waste prevention and education within it. Visits at Atria Finland pig cutting plant and Alavus rapeseed oil mill will show examples on how side stream management and food loss prevention is carried out in the everyday work both in large-scale and small and medium-sized food industry.
In the last day of the Cross Visit, Rural Women’s Advisory Organisation of South Ostrobothnia will introduce their food waste prevention projects and cooking courses meant for consumers and households.

”We hope that South Ostrobothnia as a Food Province can offer some succesful solutions for our European partners, while at the same time we are delighted to learn and bring innovations also from others ” says Marjatta Eväsoja, Director of International Affairs in the Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia.

A detailed program of the visit is available here.

Contact: Project coordinator Susanna Anttila, Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia, [email protected]

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