The "Electric Mobility and Renewables in Action Plans" workshop was the result of cooperation between 7 EU Projects on E-Mobility: EMOBICITY, e-MOPOLI, EV Energy, EnerNetMOB, SEEV4-City, CleanMobilEnergy (Interreg) and DYDAS (CEF). The workshop scope was to discuss examples of E-mobility integration in Action Plans, along with the parameter of RES and Open Data.

Key conclusions were that further economic incentives and strategic digital tools are mandatory to accelerate e-mobility with RES. The “chicken & egg problem” was faced in Amsterdam by first establishing charging stations and then attracting users; while the Greek “GO ELECTRIC” subsidy scheme reveals clear preference in e-micro-mobility. The role of EU projects was highlighted, operating as an e-mobility accelerator by facilitating capacity building.

Mrs. Maria Zarkadoula, Head of the Environment and Transport Department, CRES, stated: "So what we need is first of all political will, then a working team appointed to target, stakeholders with complementary backgrounds and a tool to obtain knowledge; this is the role of EMOBICITY and of course of all EU projects…”.

Presentations and recording are available here.