On May 6th, the Government of the Azores held an online session in order to discuss the financial incentives available for the purchase of electric vehicles and charging points in the Azorean archipelago. During this session, the Regional Directorate for Energy presented the main changes that have been implemented with the new legislation. These changes consider all the input and suggestions received throughout the previous year and intend to contribute towards the increase of electric mobility in the Azores.

With the new legislation, if all of the conditions are met the incentive can now reach up to 4,550 euros, when previously the maximum amount was of 3,900 euros.

When acquiring an electric passenger vehicle, the incentives have undergone several modifications. They now include people with disabilities, providing an additional 300 euros, due to the accessibilities that electric vehicles provide. Among other changes, the incentives have also come to include electric passenger vehicles acquired through leasing, as this has been a growing financing option in the Azores.

The session also addressed and explained the application process and the necessary documents when applying to this incentive system, which are all available on Portal da Energia Açores.

The event was part of the European Project EMOBICITY, financed by the Interreg Europe program, which aims to improve regional measures in regards to electric mobility.

This online session, counting already with more than 350 viewers, occurred within the Meetings with Energy Efficiency conference cycle. Titled “Financial Incentives for the Acquisition of Electric Vehicles 2021 - What Has Changed”, the event took place on the Regional Directorate for Energy Facebook page, at: https://www.facebook.com/portaldaenergiaacores.