The fifth meeting of the stakeholder group took place at CEEIM’s facilities on May, 30th with the attendance of six members of the stakeholder group. The agenda of the meeting was divided in four topics, (i) Staff Exchange in Torino and last activities, (ii) presentation of 2 good practices: International Mentoring Program & Foundamenta Acceleration Program, (iii) Methodology, working structure and timeframe to develop the action plan, (iv) next milestones.

The core of the meeting was the presentation of 2 good practices identified in our staff exchange last march in Torino, Italy. Firstly, we explained the main features of the International Mentoring Program organized by the Chambers of Commerce of Torino. We took a while to analyze the fifth edition from the framework, timeframe, structure to big numbers. Right after this, we presented the other good practice which raised our interest in our visit to Italy – Foundamenta Acceleration Program. We emphasized the good structure of the program and the great professionals we met in our visit to their offices. We presented to the stakeholders the features of the program, activities carried out, investment ticket, criteria for projects evaluation, impact areas and steps of the program.

We concluded this part of the presentation pointing out what inputs we found interesting to implement in our Action Plan. Stakeholders showed interest in the International Mentoring Program. They confirmed that similar projects have been forecasted in the last years but they were not effectively executed. They emphasized that they saw the program a new and good option for local SMEs to go international. They also found interested to connect this program with the actual financials aids for international growth existing in the Region of Murcia.

Before the end of the meeting, all attendees were informed about the methodology, working structure and timeframe to develop the action plan and the next steps of the project: next meetings in Germany and Lithuania on September and December and the elaboration of the REGIONAL ACTION PLAN.