The fifth stakeholder meeting took place on the 21st of June at AD Normandie’s facilities in Colombelles. Four stakeholders attended, from Caen Développement Agency, the Metropolitan city of “Caen La Mer”, FFWD Normandie and the Xport Accelerator. The agenda listed several topics, such as the state of the project, reports on the staff exchanges of the semester, feedback on the Interreg Europe “Europe, Let’s Cooperate !” event, communication activities, the elaboration of the Action Plan and the next steps of the project.

The most important point of the meeting was the Action Plan and the Whitebook. AD Normandie introduced the idea of the Whitebook to the stakeholders, who responded with enthusiasm to this project. They suggested ideas to include in this document, such as testimonies from beneficiaries of the project activities. Then, the plans for the Regional Action Plan were introduced to the stakeholders. The actions are still being defined, but one of them should be to try to modify the ERDF program to benefit acceleration structures in the region. AD Normandie gathered the stakeholder’s support and took their advices in how to approach this action. They manifested interest in helping us to achieve this goal.

The meeting was wrapped up by mentioning the next events of the project: the Interregional Learning Event in Hannover and the final meeting in Kaunas. Stakeholders stated their will to come to these events in order to learn from other partner’s practices and to introduce their own programs. Discussions started with AD Normandie to bring them to these events.