The fifth meeting of the stakeholder group took place at IFKA Public Benefit Non-profit Limited Company for the Development of the Industry on the 31st of May with the attendace local and regional stakeholders. The agenda of the meeting had three main sections: (1) Staff Exchange in Torino (2) Presentation of Good practices: International Mentoring Program and MIP – Mettersi in Proprio (3) Discussing the possibilities of how to support Hungarian SMEs more efficiently.

The main focus of the meeting was the discussion based on the good practices learnt during the Staff Exchange in Torino. First, we presented the methods of the Mentoring Programs. After that we started a discussion about the methodology and the process of mentoring taking into consideration that in Hungary there is an ongoing National Mentoring Program for SMEs.

In the second part of the stakeholder meeting the local situation was analyzed. Advantages and disadvantages of the regulations, accessibility of support (financial and/or professional) and the situation of entrepreneurs and enterprises. The main conclusion was that it is crucial to see good practices of other enterprises and even of other countries and implement some elements in the Hungarian practice as well. At the end of the meeting along with the participants we could assign some paths that could be the basis when finalizing the actions for the Action Plan.