The Action Plan includes two separate actions that aim to build and improve the existing premium products as well as improve the marketing and promotion of such products.

Background of the policy instrument

The "Premium Strategy for Food" created in 2017 by the Bavarian State Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry (StMELF) aims to increase the focus of consumer interest on Bavaria's special and unique food and agricultural products. Within the framework of the project "Value chains for premium products", the central task is to establish and support value chains for special products in close cooperation with the economic actors. The premium strategy aims to promote the distribution of high-quality food.

The Action Plan will focus on one of three pillars of the Premium Strategy, the pillar “Genuss Schätze Bayern”. The Genuss Schätze Bayern project wants to protect and support value chains of regional products. The value chains focus on the overall product quality, cultural heritage, economic sustainability and mindfulness.

Territorial needs

The evaluation of the surveys and reports, done within the FRIDGE project, showed that our region still has potential for improvement, especially in entrepreneurial issues. The discussions revealed that projects that directly support businesses and address their challenges are particularly worthy of support. The Genuss Schätze Bayern project engages the direct dialogue with SMEs. Our policy instrument matches our territorial needs. Because of the project, we can directly question and work on entrepreneurial issues.

Lessons learned from the project

Especially in the FRIDGE project partnership, we realised that we have good projects, but they often need further development. The communication and promotion of these projects urgently need to be improved. This was also the result of the analysis of the first semesters. Therefore, in addition to the further development of the chosen policy instrument, our advertising and publicity will always play an important role (see Action 2). We want to become better known among the population and small SMEs. Through direct exchange and on-site visits, we want to initiate direct dialogue with the target group.

What stands out in good practices from the project partners is the different approaches to accessing and using existing resources. This is the key point for further development of our policy instrument: accessing existing resources, using what is available and developing and improving it and making it known.

In many discussions during study visits, as well as in bilateral meetings, we found out that the project Genuss Schätze Bayern still needs to work on its marketing and communication strategy. The various approaches to promoting regional products were inspiring for an improvement of our marketing measures. The measures involving direct dialogue with consumers and other stakeholders were particularly interesting.

The action plan – development, goals and concrete actions

During building the new premium products, the connection and networking of the actors play an essential role. The aim is to highlight regional food treasures with their unique characteristics. Through the development of common criteria and distinctive characteristics, their uniqueness is emphasized.

During phase 1 of the project, the new premium products have already been identified. The aim of Action 1 is to define the 3 products identified as premium products as such. The premium products will be further developed, rather than created, in the project Genuss Schätze Bayern. The aim is to build and improve premium products.

Action 2 mainly includes the promotion of the project Genuss Schätze Bayern and the promotion of regional products, the premium products. This also includes encouraging, networking and providing information about the new premium products. Public events and training courses, as well as participation in markets and trade fairs, will continue to be part of the marketing strategy in the future.

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