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Digital finance outreach 2020


The digital finance outreach 2020 is a series of events on fintech and digital...

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Get Up to Speed - The 5th EoE of Innova-FI


In January, Friuli Innovazione hosted the 5th Exchange of Experience of...

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What are ESIF Financial Instruments?


Financial Instruments transform EU resources under the European Structural and...

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EU funding brings concrete benefits to EU


EU funding brings concrete benefits to the EU region and citizens, 2019...

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Merry Christmas from Innova-FI


We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Innova-FI Interview at FI-CAMPUS


Innova-FI had a keynote speaker on FI Campus 2019! Read Inga Beiliūnienė...

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Innova-FI at FI-CAMPUS 2019


The third annual FI Campus conference was held on 4 and 5 December in Brussels...

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How to Keep Your Stakeholders Happy


ANI held the third local stakeholder group meeting in Portugal, this one an...

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How to network with Local Stakeholders?


New to the Innova-FI LSG meetings?? Here’s What You Need to Know...

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How LSG meetings help Innova-FI?


ANI has held the second local stakeholder group meeting in Portugal. Find out...

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Why our LSG Meetings Should Include Athens


KEPA held a meeting with local stakeholders for Innova-FI in Athens. The first...

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If you love LSGs, then you will love this one


INNOVA-FI local stakeholders’ group meeting (LSGs) happening in Vilnius!

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