We had the privilege of participating in the "Exchanging Experiences on INVASIVE ALIEN SPECIES Projects in Europe" conference organized by INVASAQUA on May 25th & 26th. This remarkable event showcased our exceptional governance project, aimed at addressing the challenges posed by Invasive Alien Species (IAS) across Europe.

 During the conference, we had the opportunity to share the key principles of our project and present the impactful actions undertaken by our dedicated project partners. Emphasizing the crucial role of key agents, we highlighted their involvement in proposing effective solutions and assuming responsibilities in combating IAS. Our comprehensive reports provided valuable insights into the strategic approach and shed light on the reasons behind our chosen course of action.

 Through our actions, we meticulously developed clarifying reports that focused on the how, why, and where of our fight against IAS. These reports have served as invaluable resources, guiding our initiatives and enhancing our understanding of the complexities involved.

As a result of our collective efforts, we successfully formulated seven action plans, which were the culmination of biannual meetings held with key agents. These plans encompassed a range of targeted actions and strategies proposed during these meetings. Our ability to exchange information, share action protocols, and effectively manage our actions were key factors contributing to the success of this governance project.

 The collaboration between our esteemed European partners has been a great achievement for this initiative. Together, we have made significant strides in combatting Invasive Alien Species, and our governance project stands as a testament to our dedication and commitment to preserving Europe's biodiversity.