The Action Plan developed by LAMORO, Italy, within KEEP ON project can be considered as the result of the analysis and the exchange of the experiences, best practices and lessons learned processes established during the project implementation on the ROP ERDF 2014 – 2020 of Piedmont Region.

Its main aim is influencing the regional policy instrument, ROP ERDF 2021 – 2027 of Piedmont Region, by transferring the valuable results emerged from the territorial cooperation activities.

The Action Plan is made up by two main actions:

Action 1 "Enhance the cultural assets of Piedmont municipalities / territories listed in the UNESCO heritage sites", as further driver of the path already started with the previous Programming period (2014 – 2020), in which the intention to valorise the tangible and intangible heritage of the regional UNESCO district clearly emerged and it is confirmed by the Proposal of ROP ERDF 2021 -2027. This first action takes its main inspiration from Chęciny Castle in Poland model. Indeed, its recovery and restoration were financed by the Regional Operational Programme- European Regional Development Fund 2007-2013 of Świętokrzyskie Region and its managerial model succeeded in safeguarding, not only the unique architectural heritage, but also in making the intangible heritage the driving force for a complete regeneration of the area.

Action 2 "Activation of a governance model which includes all the main players in the area with the aim of planning and managing a long-term development project, capable of responding to the objective of enhancing the Stupinigi complex". This action intends to reaffirm the importance of the Stupinigi tourist estate for the next regional development. In this case, the governance model implemented by the Ecomuseum of Ribeira de Pena, in Portugal, has been of particular inspiration. Although it is a different cultural heritage compared to that of the Stupinigi estate, the activation of a technical-political advisory board in which both stakeholders and representatives of local institutions took part has been exemplary.

At the moment the Proposal of ROP ERDF 2021-2027 is still waiting for EU Commission final approval. And, even if it is not yet possible detect clearly policy changes, it is possible to intercept the potential influence of the Action Plan on it. We will look forward to the realization of the next steps!