The purpose of this report, prepared by INORDE, is to analyse three project ideas, within the area of cultural heritage, from the perspective of sustainability. These ideas emerged and were discussed and outlined during the dissemination event held in Ourense on 25 May 2022 and stakeholder meetings with the ultimate aim of being eligible proposals in the calls for proposals of the new period 2021-2027 of the cross-border cooperation Programme Interreg Spain-Portugal (POCTEP).

The document is structured into three main parts: diagnosis, a reflection on the new Interreg Spain-Portugal Cross-Border Cooperation Programme (POCTEP), an analysis of the projects focused on their adaptation to the main lines of the programme and finally a sustainability study of each proposal, validating a series of indicators in environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

The report is available on the library section of the website (both in Spanish and English version):