The city council of 's-Hertogenbosch amended on 13 December 2022 the policy rules in the existing policy document for the solar panel policy (dated 2 July 2019) for all monuments and the (other) properties in the national protected cityscape, as part of the Building Regulations Memorandum.

The municipal advisory committee (Monuments and Building Regulations Committee) advises on the granting of permits. With this amendment, the criteria for assessing applications for an environmental permit to install solar panels (or other solar energy measures) on all monuments in 's-Hertogenbosch or on other buildings (not being monuments) in the national protected areas becomes transparent.

The amendment concerns three sections:

1. More opportunity to install solar panels on side roofs in the historic city centre, provided they are not visible from the public area;

2. Outside the state-protected area, solar panels may sometimes be located in plain sight;

3. Allow exceptions in special situations in the national protected townscape, at locations where cultural-historical values are not or hardly in at stake.