Created an alliance between the municipalities that are part of the Delta del Ebro.

The partners of the Catalonia region participating in the Land - Sea project assess as very useful all the learned practices and study visits that took place in the period 2017 - 2019, as a catalyst for municipalities in the region to raise awareness of the need for environmental protection and realize that ecotourism is a growing economic factor. In this regard, a union has been created that unites all municipalities that are part of the Delta del Ebro Nature Park. The date of establishment and signing of the agreement is 6 March 2020. This union unites the following municipalities: Amposta, Camarles, Deltebre, L’Aldea, L’Ampolla, Sant Carles de la Ràpita, Sant Jaume d’Enveja. The main achievement of this union since its inception is the development of the tourist brand Ecotourism Ebro Delta, which unites all travel companies operating in the delta. Everything that is promoted and offered on the market is related to environmental, cultural and economic sustainability. Work is currently under way to expand this union of municipalities, to set up a coordinating body for tourism policies and brand management at the level of the four districts that make up the territorial demarcation of Terres de l'Ebre. This area has been declared a biosphere reserve. This management entity, which is in the process of being established (not yet approved), will manage and plan tourist activities under this brand of biosphere reserve.
Also as part of their Action Plan, the Catalan partners have improved the quality and sustainability of Delta del Ebro's ecotourism facilities, with a focus on the bicycle as a sustainable means of transport. This priority of the Action Plan allowed some of the existing routes to be improved, signaling to be improved and two new routes to be promoted. The first is the Eurovelo 8 route. It connects all the countries of the Mediterranean along its coast, from Andalusia to Cyprus. The second route is twenty-three kilometers by the sea and will be funded for the next three years by the Zafan green project.
The Delta del Ebro Nature Park has been certified by the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism since 2007. A 4-year strategic plan is being prepared for its management and is being renewed. The new vision for sustainable tourism at the political level aims to broaden these objectives, to obtain investments in the area for joint implementation and to take a further step towards the link between sustainable tourism and the protection of protected natural areas.