Update on the Hamburg Climate Plan.

The process of updating the Hamburg Climate Plan was originally conceived as a process by different sectors, and in its first phases included mainly "traditional" climate elements: energy, transport, urban planning, etc. Issues such as 'tourism' were not initially considered relevant to Hamburg's climate policy management. Participation of the partner Senate Chancellery of Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg in the Land - Sea project was able to demonstrate the link between coastal zone management and related coastal tourism. During the life of the project and the constant participation of stakeholders and the prominent position of the project partner in the preparation of the Climate Plan put at the center the understanding of sustainable tourism. Unfortunately, due to the COVID crisis, the publication of the new climate plan, which was scheduled to take place in 2021, was postponed to 2022. However, the lessons learned from Land-Sea have affected the Hamburg Climate Plan, as all documents have been prepared, as the impact of the project and the arguments for harmonization are applied and visible.
Representatives of the sustainable tourism sector can be considered the main beneficiaries of the project - at least in terms of developing the Climate Plan 2022. He managed to emphasize and emphasize sustainable tourism over "normal" tourism and its opportunities to ensure sustainable development together with coastal protection. In this regard, the consideration of this type of tourism will have a positive impact on the environment, will strengthen the competitiveness of sustainable tourism compared to normal measures. Following the adoption of the Hamburg Climate Plan, sustainable tourism will not face obstacles similar to sustainable tourism.