The board game "Mobiliada" was created as part of the "LAST MILE - Sustainable mobility for the last mile in tourism regions" project implemented in West Pomerania Region by the Regional Office for Spatial Planning of Westpomeranian Voivodeship in Szczecin (RBGPWZ). The regional goal of the project was the improvement of the transport situation of tourist areas and increase level of awareness of the inhabitants of the Szczecin Metropolitan Area regarding issues related to public transport and sustainable mobility.
The idea of the game itself is both education in the basic concepts of mobility, as well as the promotion of use of public transport, expanding knowledge about the tourist potential of the region and the presentation of a number of interesting mobility initiatives and transport projects implemented in the metropolitan area of Szczecin.
The game is directed to individual residents or tourists visiting the region, as well as to educational institutions and non-governmental organizations, where it can become one of the educational aids in conducting classes on transport, environmental awareness or knowledge of the region.
During the last two semesters, the RBGPWZ team completed work on the game. Mobiliada was officially presented during the European Mobility Week in September 2019. The game has been made public and is now available for download at page in pdf version (version for self-printing). Work is also underway on the release and distribute of the paper version.