The City of Durham (UK) will host the first public presentation of the LOCARBO project on October, 18-19, joining several participants from 6 European countries: United Kingdom, Lithuania, Portugal, Italy, Romania, and Hungary.
The LOCARBO project, supported by INTERREG Europe Program and coordinated by the Province of Potenza (Italy) aims to improve policy instruments targeting demand-driven initiatives to increase energy efficiency and the use of renewables in buildings, through innovative ways of supporting energy consumers’ behavior change.
The main activities of the project are the development of regional/local analysis and fully feasible action plans, through an intense local stakeholder group involvement and extensive networking activities, oriented to sharing good practices and innovative experiences.
The first day of the event will be centered on the Launching Conference. It includes a general presentation and overview of the project, an outline of the policy instruments tackled, and an introduction to project thematic pillars – supplementary services and products offered by regional and local authorities; innovative cooperation models; and innovative smart technologies.
The public conference will be followed by a Stakeholder Cafe moderated by Durham County Council, with the presence of the project partners and respective stakeholders. A site visit will also be organised to demonstrate some good practices that are being implemented in the British city.
On the 2nd day, project partners will have the opportunity to participate in the Analysis & Ambition Info Sheets discussion, in the Good Practices Fair and in the Action Plan Warm-Up Workshop, in order to prepare the next steps of the project.

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