On 24-25 April 2018, almost 300 representatives of 1st, 2nd and 3rd call Interreg Europe projects gathered in Sofia (Bulgaria) for the programme's annual event, named this year "Experience Fair: journey through project implementation". The event was all about exchanging experiences among projects and getting inspired by different approaches and ways diverse projects handle the same kind of challenges.

LOCARBO was invited to share tips and tricks on how to mobilize project stakeholders, one of the most essential (and difficult) issues in the development of a project. Dr. Mezősi Balázs (MI6 - Hungarian Innovation and Efficiency Nonprofit Ltd.) gave advice on how to do it in a structured way: identify, sort, plan, involve and monitor.



Besides learning the most effective strategies to mobilize their stakeholders, during two days, the project representatives had the chance to:

• Exchange experiences and share lessons learned in the projects

• Be inspired, meet and get to know representatives from projects in different stages

• Learn about techniques for transferring good practices between regions

• Enhance their approaches to drafting, approving, implementing and monitoring their action plans

• Share their best tips and tricks on project management and communication

• Get concrete ideas for further cooperation efforts

• Engage in mutual learning

Partners made tons of enriching encounters, gained many new insights and, above all, could move one step further towards their destination: the successful implementation of projects, and hence a tangible contribution to fostering a low-carbon economy in Europe.

Find all the materials of the event (presentations, pictures and conclusions) on the Interreg Europe website.