We just published in our library the MATCH-UP e-book ' Exchanging experiences to foster a low-carbon urban mobility', describing the “MATCH-UP methodology”, i.e. the learning process developed within MATCH-UP to stimulate the exchange of experience mainly at interregional and local levels.

Within the project, the interregional and multilevel exchange of experience process, through various activities as staff exchanges and site visits, and the involvement of local Stakeholder groups (e.g. policy makers, managing authorities, transport service providers) increased skills and knowledge among policy makers and other public administration staff, thus influencing their capacity to promote new initiatives towards sustainable mobility.

Beside Project Partners and local Stakeholders, MATCH-UP reached other Target Groups through local dissemination activities and events.

All these activities form the MATCH-UP methodology that is described in the e-book. It can be a useful reference for those who are interested in establishing an exchange of experience process among peers that are dealing with the same topics and co-designing effective and tailored solutions at local level with the active involvement of the local Stakeholders who are key players for achieving good results.

You can find the direct link to the e-book here: MATCH-UP library