The policy change achieved by the County of Northeim would not have been happened without the participation and lessons learned from the Match-Up project. The topic of on-demand transport gained increased importance for Northeim during the project phase and the learning processes initiated. On-demand transport has been included in the local transport plan (LTP) of the local public transport authority ZVSN which at the same time has been the key stakeholder for Northeim in Match-Up. The public discussion about the project and the interaction with the stakeholder group emphasised the relevance of the topic.

Thanks to the Match-Up project, the county changed its policy instrument the LTP by including the request for an official order to the ZVSN. This order intends to develop new on-demand transport services within the whole association area, also covering two additional counties, i.e. Holzminden and Göttingen. The votes for such an integration of on demand transports were realised within the bodies of the ZVSN and the county of Northeim – with success.

Now, with this change in force, the ZVSN is able to proceed with the specific design of new on-demand services and in particular by carrying out a feasibility study. The feasibility study will deepen the interactions with other modes of transport and its integration into the new offer system. The results of the study will be expected in early 2023.