Following the programme agreement signed on March 28th 2019 by Piedmont Region and other local partners for the creation of the Manufacturing Technology Center and the Aerospace Center in Turin, a regional delegation took part to the P2L2 final conference in Bremen in order to learn and lay the groundwork for future cooperation actions with the Ministry of Economics, Labour and Ports - Free Hanseatic City Bremen.

The indicators for (#1) share of private investments, (#3) success ratio (selected projects vs applications) and (#7) number of electronic processes have almost achieved their target rate. While (#4) share of SMEs that received funding through Innovouchers, (#5) share of projects that requires extending the time and (#6) reduced time for reporting on project implementation are too early to evaluate. The only indicator, which looks like it will not achieve the target ratio is (#2) increased share of projects submitted for experimental activities (TRL6-9). The reason of the decrease of submitted projects for experimental activities could be due to increased financial contribution of companies.

The Regione Piemonte delegation composed by the Minister of Finance, Economic-financial planning, Regional assets, Development of productive activities and SMEs (Mr. Tronzano), the Director of the Directorate for the Competitiveness of Regional System (Mrs. Fenu), the Head of the Dept. for University, Right to Education, Research and Innovation (Mr. Zezza) and local stakeholders was interested in visiting and learning more in deep how EcoMaT, a center for eco-efficient materials & technology that involves many actors from industry (such as Airbus) and research, is becoming a focal point for cooperation between different industrial based clusters, supporting thus the field of materials science and its engineering applications.

The visit has been useful to inspire Piedmont regional policies thanks to the enrichment led by the exchange of practices aimed at improving regional policies and actions planned within the regional action plan like the creation of the Manufacturing Technology Center and the Aerospace Center in Turin. The two centers will foster activities related to applied research, professional training, innovation and technology transfer with a wide collaborative approach between companies and centers, technological demonstrators, professional and laboratories for the construction of functional prototypes to provide services to businesses. 

After the project meeting Mr. Trozano said that the Aerospace is a sector on which invest for the future of the Piedmontese economy and an event like this is an opportunity to see how synergy and collaboration between different regions can bring tangible results. 

In the meanwhile Piedmont Region is also working for the National Space Economy Plan, which anticipates the new indications of the European Commission and on Icios project, in a dialogue with the Italian Ministry of Economic Development and the Italian Space Agency, to intervene on damage prevention and satellite maintenance. 

The project visit triggered fruitful cooperation basis with German partner that will continue also beyond the end of the project: in fact it is planned a visit of the Bremen delegation in Piedmont next Spring to enhance international relations and lear much more about Piedmont policies related to the Aerospace sector.