On November 27, during the VIV industry event in Bordeaux, the first meeting of the Regional Steering Committee for Materials and Chemistry was held since the adoption of the regional roadmap in March 2019. In accordance with the recommendations of the P2L2 project, the commitee’s objective was to involve partners in the definition of the regional objectives and to define a new governance process that allows a better ownership of the Stakeholders.

One of the major axes of the roadmap being the improvement of the industrial, environmental and societal performance of companies, an initial assessment of the regional plan « factory of the future » was drawn up to the committee.This structuring program, launched in 2014, received funding of € 122M (regional funds and ERDF). 600 regional companies have been supported so far, including 71 companies in the chemistry and materials sector. A second phase of the program aims to support 900 additional companies by 2022. Then, the Viv Industry event gave the opportunity to the committee members to meet regional companies supported and to discover a hundred of new tools from industry 4.0 solution providers present at the show.