Innovative additive manufacturing project funded within aerospace R&D program Bremen

After analysing the results of the P2L2 policy learning process, Bremen decided to adjust its regional aerospace R&D program to focus more on the key enabling technologies “advanced materials” and “advanced manufacturing technologies”. Their latest call for projects demonstrated the great potential that Bremen’s research institutes and companies offer within these innovative technologies.

One of the approved projects will focus on the reduction of time and resources in additive manufacturing of the upper stage of the Ariane rocket launcher. The key is a software-based machine learning process that calculates tailored material properties. These are then the basis for ALM with selective laser beam fusion. These innovative functionalities are not yet available on the market and could therefore create a unique selling point for the three partners involved, namely Materialise, Ariane Group Bremen, and IWT Leibniz Institute for Materials Engineering. 

The 3D printing expert-group Materialise is a medium-sized company that expects to gain more turnover with software licenses based on the new development. Ariane Group Bremen expects a reduction of 30% mass of the upper stage of the launcher, which could lead to a reduction of up to 75 kg. The research partner IWT Leibniz Institute for Materials Engineering expects to strengthen its international profile for laser-additive manufacturing. The project covers a total budget of nearly EUR 1 million and will receive a 50% ERFD funding of about EUR 500.000.