Solar cells are producing electricity for the retirement home Olsgården in Ronneby.
Olsgården is owned and managed by the municipal company AB Ronnebyhus. The retirement home consists of several different buildings. Olsgården is a retirement home with 70 apartments, restaurant and therapy rooms.
Environmental and sustainability issues are high priority by Ronnebyhus. They work on a broad front to reduce our environmental impact, including saving energy. A major focus is on saving energy as energy consumption in Sweden increases every year, and the housing sector accounts for about 40 percent of all energy use in Sweden. It is also interesting to start having electricity production for selfconsumption in their properties. The company has made a great investment on solar energy in Olsgården.
On the rooftops of the buildings there is a solar cell park that belongs to the top 10 in Sweden in terms of peak power. The solar cell park was built in 2014. During 2015-2016 the solar park has produced approximately 200 MWh of electricity per year. Production corresponds to 38% of the building's electricity consumption. The solar cells cover a surface of 1316 m2.

Resources needed

The total investment for the solar park was approximately 364 800 €.
Ronnebyhus got 35 % of the investment, 127 800 € as a national grant.
Their Save Annual Cost is 23 500 €. The paybacktime is estimated to 8 years.

Evidence of success

Electricity generated per year: 200 MWh
Electricity Self-consumed per year: 200 MWh
Total consumption of electricity per year 520 MWh
Emissions Saved (kgCO2/year): 250 tonnes

Potential for learning or transfer

To invest in solar cells at retirement homes is generally a good idea, since they use a lot of electricity in the kitchen and for laundary. We have seen several examples of that also in Karlskrona and in Sölvesborg.

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Main institution
Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden
Sydsverige, Sweden (Sverige)
Start Date
February 2014
End Date
April 2014


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