Galaxen preschool is connected to a school but has its own technical system. It is a wood construction, build in passive house technolog, PV and sedum-roof.
Galaxen preschool is one of Mönsterås municipality’s new public buildings with a very clear environmental profile. When the decision was made to build the new preschool, they decided to connect it to a school, but with its own technical system.

The building is a wood construction, build in passive house technology, it has a clear environmental profile, PV and sedum-roof.

The construction in wood is followed by a lot of visible wooden details and the construction is leaning to gain natural shade from the sun. the building gives a rather closed impression to the north and open to the south direction.
The aim was to build a gender-neutral preschool, a healthy and climate friendly passive house in wood with low costs for operating and maintain and a pedagogical and nice outdoor environment. not only technical consultants and experts participated but also staff that would work in the new building participated to ensure that all aspects would be conserved. The entrepreneurs have been trained to ensure important details and critical moments valid for passive houses and low energy buildings.
The pre school has three departments, one is open also night-time. The building is 630m2. The construction is wood and the meets the standard for low energy buildings very well. 300m2 of the roof is covered with sedum, ie a green roof. The building has PV, 100m2, which produces 12000 kWh/year. The indoor lights are LED. The building is connected to the district heating grid, RES.

Resources needed

The total costs of the project was approx. 200.000 € whereof additional costs due to passive house technology was 150.000€.

Evidence of success

The energy performance of the building is 50% below the Swedish regulation for new buildings.
The building is a result of a long run political commitment to build sustainable buildings in the municipality. The city hall was a fore runner of installing PV, this wan fallowed by a low energy library and finally this building. The aim was to ensure that the energy consumption was addressed very early in the process.

Potential for learning or transfer

One aim was to collect the experiences from this project as well from previous projects for dissemination and learning by hosting study visits and exchange with other actors. During the years a number of study visits have been performed.

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Main institution
Mönsterås municipality
Småland med öarna, Sweden (Sverige)
Start Date
May 2013
End Date
June 2014


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