The regional council wanted to equip itself with a tool for the definition of the I4.0 Regional Plan to identify the main obstacles to the diffusion of I4.0
The Regional Law 25/2018, "I4.0: Innovation, Research and Training" in its art. 12 provides for the establishment of the Observatory I 4.0 as a support body of the Regional Council in defining the interventions provided for by the law. It is also meant to help the Council in the preparation of the report on the state of implementation of the interventions activated.
Its main aim is to help the identification of interventions that increase the competitiveness of the regional MSMEs.
This means aiming to:
a) transform part of the regional manufacturing production process into digital manufacturing through the use of ICT and KETs
b) integrate and connect the supply chains up to the final customer as well as the products to the services in order to meet the needs of users
c) spread the digital culture in order to raise technological knowledge and skills, also through the qualification of human resources
d) support investments in research and development in the thematic areas of sustainable, integrated, adaptive, personalized and safe manufacturing
e) support new business models, also in relation to the process of servitization of manufacturing and the creation and development of new businesses
f) promote the creation of the regional Digital Innovation Hub
g) promote sustainable production and work organizational models in terms of life / work balance, worker well-being
h) promote the contamination between traditional knowledge and new digital and additivive technologies

Resources needed

Participation in the I 4.0 Observatory does not provide for the payment of indemnity or attendance fees.
The Observatory is composed of:
a) the manager of the competent regional department;
b) three representatives of the most relevant regional business associations;
c) three representatives

Evidence of success

The main results obtained so far:
• Number of stakeholders actively involved: 11 entities for a total of 15 members:
o University representatives
o Trade Associations
o Regional councillor
o Regional officials
• Number of studies promoted: 1
o Report on the situation i4.0 in the Marche Region

Potential for learning or transfer

The Observatory is a tool aimed at improving policy making through the collection of information and qualified assessments on the interventions carried out.
The Observatory can be equipped with independent external support by hiring institutions of excellence in the dissemination of economic culture and in the development of entrepreneurship.
The production of knowledge and its sharing with stakeholders regarding the results of the activated tools have proved to be an important support for overall effectiveness

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Main institution
Marche region
Marche, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
October 2018
End Date


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