C’MON helps social innovators to grow, to achieve significant scale, become financially stable and to deliver impact.
C’MON has a goal to develop social innovations, tech&impact solutions and businesses with the help of executive experts, also as to play a critical role in enabling social innovators to fulfil their full potential, deliver impact and open the door for new innovative sustainable social businesses to enter into the market.
The program consists of four parts that help the practice to reach its objectives: C’MON hackathons, C’MON boost camps, C’MON incubators and C’MON trainings. To review a few of them: C’MON hackathons are made with the help of experienced partners from all over the Europe and are created to empower young and initiative adults to create social good and innovations. Hackathons want to join people identifying, prototyping and scaling social innovations. Here people can meet mentors, learn to understand the how-to of social business and pitch their projects to the investors. C’MON boost camps cover personal and group coaching, efficient and result orientated pitches to investors, promotion of innovative products’ development, professional consulting and advices delivered by business experts, networking with potential partners, etc.
The C’MON program and all its’ practices are unique because it gives social innovators an opportunity to meet various experts from different fields (marketing, sales ,social impact and many more) and from all over the Europe. The program is also quickly forming into the C’MON community which unites experts and social innovators.

Resources needed

EUR 150 000 yearly (financial and non-financial included), 4 people

Evidence of success

C’MON has organized 11 successful hackathons, 3 boost camps, 3 accelerators and numerous trainings, during which: 8127 experts, mentors, keynotes and panelists were introduced to the C’MON community; ~ 88 start-ups have been initiated and implemented with the support of C'MON; ~ 4320 individual expert consultations were received by various social innovators and social businesses; C’MON invested over EUR 193 000 to help 43 start-up founders start working with international mentors abroad etc.

Potential for learning or transfer

C’MON program uses innovative approach as it joins professional business development trainings with personal and creativity development, fun and networking activities. C’MON brings together people passionate about social innovations from different fields – experts, participants, investors. This program is an example of great communication between different involved stakeholders and many participants. The innovative approach is related to targeted support for promising start-up ideas and organisation of social hackathons, boost camps through a joint initiative of different regional stakeholders, providing good contacts to potential investors. This approach can easily be transferred to other regions.
One of the most significant thing about C’MON, according to many participants and experts, actually is the C’MON community. The emotional package this program brings to its’ community is extremely notable, also as the atmosphere its’ team and program’s participants are welcomed to.

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Main institution
European social entrepreneurship and innovative studies institute
Lietuva, Lithuania (Lietuva)
Start Date
February 2017
End Date


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